Hubei Huaren Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 with a registered capital of 11.88 million yuan. It is a textile product enterprise specializing in the processing, manufacturing and sales of polyester yarn.The company is located in Chengbei Industrial Park, Chengguan, Yunmeng County, Hubei, China, with convenient transportation.

The first phase in 2011 and the second phase in 2018 have been put into production successively, with an investment of more than 70 million yuan in fixed assets, which can provide 400 jobs.

Since its establishment, the company has continuously improved the enterprise management mechanism, attracted technical talents in the industry, and formed a high-quality production management team proficient in textile manufacturing with the former employees of Yunmeng Cotton Mill as the backbone.

The company adheres to market-oriented, regards quality as the life of the enterprise, continues to introduce advanced technology at home and abroad, and has successively purchased a batch of advanced textile equipment from Qingdao Hongda, Zhejiang Taitan, Japan Murata Machinery and other enterprises, and insists on using Yizheng, a subsidiary of Sinopec. Chemical fiber products are used as raw materials.

Chemical fiber products are used as raw materials. The continuous innovation and development keeps Huaren Textile Company always in the ranks in the market competition.